Inductor through-hole

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EC: fixed inductor 1318

EC: fixed inductor

EC Series Fixed Inductors. Axial, radial, taped format. Rated power 1/8W, 1/4W, 1/2W, 1W. Tolerance 5%, 10%, 20%. Operating temperature -40oC to +85oC. Excellent soldering ability and resistance to soldering heat. Suitable for flow and reflow soldering. Good dimensions, high reliability, and easy...
RT: air coiled inductor - radial 1319

RT: air coiled inductor - radial

RT Series Wire gauge 0.6mm, Internal diameter 3.65mm. number of turns 13.5. Featrures: Low cost Used in many high frequency applications Wound to customers specifications Frequency up to 1 GHz. Rated current up to 50Amps RoHS compliant Data on request

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