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RF11 - Ceramic Fusing Resistors 1348

RF11 - Ceramic Fusing Resistors

Rated Power 0.5W ~ 3W (derate from 70c to zero at 125c linear) Resistance range R33 ~ 3K3 Ohms Operating temp. -25oC ~ +125oC TCR 350ppm Axial Leaded Non Flammable RoHS compliant Resquest data for Fusing characteristics Flame-proof,Ceramic-package   Type Dimension( mm)   Power Lmax Dmax ...
RFB - Tube Ceramic Fusing Resistor 1349

RFB - Tube Ceramic Fusing Resistor

Rated Power 1/2W ~ 2W Resistance Range 0R1 ~ 100R Operating Temp. -55oC ~ +155oC The ANTI-BURST type wirewound or film type fusible resistors can provide reliable and environmentally safe fusing behaviour, reliable performance and endurance to surge voltage. RoHS compliant Request data for fusing...

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