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  • Series ID: 1220

PT10 control shafts various A

PT-10 control shafts: Plug in shafts with hex spigot suitable for use with PT-10-H trimmers. Available loose (sold separately), or when ordering a PT-10 trimmer factory fitted if required.

H-1 = 15.2mm long x 4.9mm diameter with 10.0mm diameter flange, 24 teeth serrated, slotted. (equiv Piher 5119)
H-2 = 12.0mm long x 5.8mm diameter with 7.0mm diameter flange, 24 teeth serrated, cross slotted pointer.
H-3 = 10.5mm long x 5.0mm diameter no flange, plain shank, slotted pointer. (equiv Piher 5012)

Search key 1218 or 1219 for PT-10 trimmers

RoHS compliant.

1220-1: Type H1 (equiv 5119)
1220-2: Type H2
1220-3: Type H3 (equive 5012)