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EVM3ES: 3mm square cercarb trimmer potentiometer open frame

3mm Open Frame
Nominal Resistance:  100 Ohms to 1M Ohms  
Std. Res. Tolerance: +/-25%    
Residual Resistance:  Maximum 2% of Norminal Resistance   
Taper: Linear (B)    
Power Rating: 0.15W (70°C)    
Operating Voltage: Less than 50V   
Life:  Resistance Change within +/- 15% after 20 Cycles.   
Temp. Coefficient: ±250ppm / °C   
Rotational Noise: Less than 5% of Nominal Resistance   
Rotational Angle:  260° +/- 20°  
Rotational Torque:  20 ~  
Operating Temperatuere:  -25°C ~ +100°C   
Heat Resistance: max. +/- 5% change in Resistance after 500 Hours at 70°C
Damp Heat Resistance:  max. +/- 5% change in Resistance after 500 Hours at 60°C,
RH 90-95%
Soldering Method: Hand Soldering  
Soldering Temperature:  240°C, Soldering Time:  5 seconds 

RoHS compliant

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