Product Details
  • Series ID: 1320

YC: resistor chip network

YC series.
Available in 6 different pin packages.
Tolerance 1% in E96 values and 5% in E24 values.
Free from troubles at placement due to accurate and uniformed physical dimensions.
Typical applications in telecommunication equipment, lap-top/note-book computers and any kind of high-tech product requiring a space saving solution.

RoHS compliant

Data on request

1320-1XXX: 0402 10pin/8res. 
1320-2XXX: 0603 08pin/4res.
1320-3XXX: 0402 16pin/8res.
1320-4XXX: 1206 10pin/8res.
1320-5XXX: 0402 04pin/2res.
1320-6XXX: 0402 04pin/4res.