Product Details
  • Series ID: 1331

SM: surface mount precision plate high voltage resistor

Chip Resistor
Resistance range: 500K ~ 1G &#937
Resistance tolerance: 0.1% ~ 5%
Rated power: 0.125W ~ 2.0W 25oC, derating to Zero at 150oC
Maximum working voltage: 5KV
Temperature coefficient: 10 ~ 100ppm (at 25~75oC and 1/10 rated voltage)
Operating temperature range: -55oC ~ 150oC
Moisture resistance: 40oC, 90-95RH, 1000hr

RoHS compliant
Data on request

1331-1XXX: SM2 0.3KV
1331-2XXX: SM5 1.0KV
1331-3XXX: SM10 2.5KV
1331-4XXX: SM15 3.5KV
1331-5XXX: SM20 5.0KV