Product Details
  • Series ID: 1333

HTE series: cylindrical thick film power resistor – axial – non

The HTE Series is a Cylindrical thick film power resistor – leaded axial mount.
Resistance values 200R to 700M.
Resistor tolerances 1%, 2%, 5%, 10%.
Power ratings 0.3W, 0.7W, 1.0W, 2.0W, 3.0W, 5.0W, 8.0W, 12.0W & 17.0W.
Non inductive element.
Voltage rating to 48KV.
Temperature Coefficient 100ppm as standard but others are available.
Short term overload 5X rated power for 5 seconds over delta R, 0.5% max.
Device length ranging from 11.0mm ~152.0mm.

Custom designs available.

RoHS compliant.

Typical applications:
Voltage Divider
Medical and Measuring Equipment
Electrostatic and Current Limiting Devices
High Stability
High Ohmic Values