Product Details
  • Series ID: 1178

WIW1012 3006P: 19mm (3/4”) long cermet industrial trimmer poten

WIW1012 3006P: 19mm (3/4”) square Cermet industrial trimmer potentiometer. Sealed. Number of turns: 22 nom.. 0.5W @ 70c. Screwdriver or finger adjust with a panel mount option. Standard resistance range: 10 Ohms ~ 2M2 Ohms. (1, 2 & 5 in each decade). Resistance tolerance: 10%. Operating temperature range -55c  ~ 125c (derating to zero at +125c). Temperature coefficient 100ppm at values 1K~50K ohms (otherwise 250ppm). Rotational life 200 cycles. Case size 19.1 x 4.95 x 6.5mm. Standard packaging 25pcs / tube  

RoHS compliant

1178-1XX  (-1, Screwdriver adjust)
1178-2XX  (-3, Finger adjust)
1178-3Xx  (-4, Panel mount)