Product Details
  • Series ID: 1327

SVR02K: 2mm cermet trimmer potentiometer Open-frame

2mm Open frame
Recommended for hand and automatic adjustment.
Power Rating: 0.1W
Voltage Rating: AC/DC 20V
Total Rotation Angle; Endless
Effective Rotation Angle 260&#176 &#177 20&#176
Rotation Torque:
Total Resistance Range: 100R,220R,470R,1K0,2K2,4K7,5K0,10K,22K,47K,100K,220K,470K,1M0,2M2
Resistor Tolerance: 25%
Resistance Taper; Linear
Residual Resistance: Less than 1% of total
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance: 250ppm/C
Operating Life: 100 cycles
Package: 3000pcs/7" reel

RoHS compliant

Reflow soldering 255oC for 10sec.
See other images for package outline.

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